As an in-house creative at Commune--a Virginia based farm-to-table restaurant and local food movement powerhouse--I created a variety of marketing assets. When I joined the team, Commune had loose brand guidelines, a couple branded apparel items, and so much potential. 
When I began working with Commune, they had a very limited selection of branded merchandise which did little to visually communicate the restaurant's locally sourced food concept. I had the idea to draw a very literal representation of farm-to-table, matching the hand drawn quality of the existing merchandise and supplemented this design with a more straight forward use of the company's tagline, "Real Food."
With the addition of these designs in multiple colors, Commune's line of branded merchandise expanded 66%. Working with my go to screen printer, Adam Roth, we were able to significantly lower production costs compared to the former printer for Commune. The additional products with reduced costs significantly increased Commune's retail sales and profits.
Carrying on the hand drawn aesthetic of their existing apparel, I created branded stamps by running pen drawings through Adobe Capture and refining the graphics in Illustrator CC. These stamps are now used on all of the restaurant's bakery packaging, to-go boxes, and bags. 

In addition to the visual designs I created, I provided substantial photography which the restaurant used throughout their web and social channels, a small selection of which is below. 
Additional Designs
In the year that I was working with Commune, I created several illustrations and designs that never went into production. They were put into a, "keep that one in mind when the right situation calls for it" category. 
A lot of vegetables were created while working with Commune. Below is a selection, the center design being a sticker concept that never made it to production. 
Making sourdough bread from scratch everyday, Commune is very proud of their baking operation. In fact, they're the only restaurant in there market producing bread like this.
Building upon the rolling pin stamp, I created a "Bread Brigade" design, suggesting a type of benefits club to increase the sale of sourdough loaves. Although the design was well received, other projects took precedence and this never went into production.  
Below is a drawing by Nate Lahy which I converted into vector format and colored. We kept the design on hand in case an event came up which this design would fit the flyer for. The event never came, but Nate had the opportunity to use the colored version of his drawing as a template to paint the windows at the Norfolk, VA location. 
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