How Sweet It Is
A start up cupcake company, How Sweet It Is was gaining momentum and wanted the look and web presence to back it up! Using the rough branding already established, I worked closely with the founder to expand and polish her identity and provide her with guidelines for any future work. 
Working with a web developer--Conner Barnes--we created a new website telling the story of her company, products, and provided customers with an online ordering system.  
Case Study
Logo Design
When I first met Michelle, founder of How Sweet It Is, she didn't have a complete image of how she wanted her specialty cupcake company to look. What she did know was she wanted to see pink and polka dots as these had been the foundation of her branding thus far and how customers recognized her at events. She also knew that she didn't want to see a cupcake in her logo. So with these loose parameters, I created a variety of logo interactions from which we could identify a creative direction to begin moving. 
Of the above designs, the last two, circle based logos stood out the most. Their shape was a visual repetition of the polka dots which adorn her table set up at events. These designs had the best versatility to function at a variety of scales and color contexts while maintaining excellent legibility. However, we weren't quite done. These designs didn't yet capture the whimsey that Michelle wanted attached to her products. The typography was too stiff. It didn't capture the emotions we wanted to communicate. 
For the final logo--seen below--we decided to use some swoosh characters to capture the whimsey and ornate characteristics of Michelle's baked goods. We carried the polkadots all the way around the logo as this imagery is repeated throughout her event displays and even on the dress she wears at events. Finally, we replaced "Desserts by Michelle" for something that more directly communicates what her main product is as no other bakers in her market are arranging their products as if they are a flower arrangement. 
Web Site Design
Prior to meeting Michelle, all of her ordering occurred over the phone or through lengthy email chains to accommodate all the customization possibilities. However, the volume of orders she received--especially around holidays--had become to much to manage in this way. To accommodate her needs, I called in web developer, Conner Barnes, to develop an online ordering system and establish her home on the web. 
Below are some of the early home page mockups I created using the existing branding guidelines and pulling logos and imagery from the early designs we created. The final design ended up combining elements of from each of these mock ups, adjusted accordingly to accommodate the content Michelle provided later in the project. 
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