The following is a selection of vector based illustrations I've created for fun over the past few years. Mostly self taught in Illustrator, many of these works were projects I used to push my skills and learn new things.  All of this work was created with Illustrator and some was finished with Photoshop.
Soulmates Stickers
An ode the hippy speed balls, this illustration playfully combines a Chemex Coffee Brewer with a bong in a loving embrace.
Paul The Big Blue Cat
Paul is a satirical character I created in 2014. While he was a great tool to push my technical skills with Illustrator, he was also a fun way to make fun of college stereotypes when I was in school. Published exclusively to Instagram, Paul's story contains over 50 illustrations.
Portraits of Walter White and Bob Dylan
Blind Love
Untitled Illustration 
This untitled illustration began as a sketch for a school art project. Although this version was my favorite, it didn't meet the requirements for the project and was filed away for a couple years. Eventually, I was given the opportunity to paint a mural however I wanted for Esoteric's Tennent E and decided to bring this design to life. I love the digital version as much as I love the mural. 
Virginia Landmarks
In an attempt to continue expanding my comfort zone with Illustrator, I decided to begin illustrating prominent Virginia buildings. Below are the capital building in Richmond, VA, and Thomas Jefferson's house. 
Future Panhandler
This illustration is a satirical look into the future when sentient robots are decommissioned from their duties. This piece was published in James Madison University's Gardy Loo Magazine in fall 2014. 
This was a small series I used to study the different emotions that can be communicated just with eyes and color. 
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