Insert description
start with an introduction paragraph about scuba being scuba and what he does. It'll be a handful of sentences to make a juicy little block of text That mentions that he's an artist based in los angeles, california. 
then break to the next paragraph. Feel like this one should be a little longer and mention something about coming up in Virginia beach painting murals. Like the intro paragraph is a 'Hey, how are ya?' and this one is more of the 'here's someone who draws nipples, paints murals, and worked with travis barker!' Dont go crazy though. keep it simple. 
And then this last paragraph, tie it all together in a sentence real nice like. Something to  summarize scuba being an independent artist open to the right commissions. And wrap it up with a 'book a call with me' kind of thing. The call-to-action as the marketing team would say.  

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