nippie frame
A joke gone too far
oh boy, so much to say about nippies. From its humble origins to becoming a premier, top grossing art collection on solana, to maturing into something that resembles a real project with a community multisignature treasury to support community initiatives. 
a paragraph to mention the pink hoodies collectors received. 
wrap up paragraph about Nippies being a weird and perfect blend of wholesome intelligence and vile toxicity that keeps doing unexpected stuff. 
Check out the nippies collectors here or shop the listings.   
nippie grid
teamwork makes the dream work
all together the nippies collection includes 10 guest artists such as hyblinxx, laura el, scum, rippity doo, proteon, wetiko, and more.
collab artist nippies
custom nippies
Find your Nippie!

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