In the final design, we ultimately incorporated a skull illustrated by Pushead, which brought the right type of creepy to fit with my hand lettering. We created two versions of the poster to begin promotion before the line up was finalized. 
The design started with a concept similar to late 90's early 2000's hardcore posters by using a photograph as the main element. This concept led to digging in a grittier, creepier direction to match the event's halloween theme. 
Returning to a black and white design, we pushed the stylized image of Travis Barker and posterized a close up of his face similar to the Misfits or Obey. Still not quite what we were looking for, this design led to the idea of using the Pushead skull to hit the right flavor of halloween rock and roll.  
Travis Barker's House of Horrors clothing designed exclusively for the event. Available apparel included hoodies and long sleeves in black and white and embroidered beanies.  
VIP Package
VIP tickets included a box containing additional merchandise, candy, and streaming codes.   
Web Banners
Full width banner used during other NoCap events prior to the event's premier.

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